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Keepin' up appearan-snares...

Yes, you are correct, that is the worst title I could come up with. Making the most of this fantastic weather and unscheduled downtime to do some long-overdue gear maintenance... This was the first 'proper' snare I bought, from the now-closed Drummin' shop in Stockport ran by Verve drummer Pete Salisbury, great place, top bloke. When I bought it I didn't have enough reddies for a case to get it home on that visit, and a well-known Manchester drummer called Dave Verner (Badly Drawn Boy & many others), another top bloke, was in the shop at the time and offered to lend me his snare case, with 'just drop it back in the shop when you're done with it...'. I'd never met him before in my life, amazing. He got it back the following day with a thank you note because I'm not a scoundrel.

Still in front-line use and sounding sharp nearly two decades on, it was due a strip down and a thorough clean, and replacement batter head.

Nice 'n' shiny, good for a few more years now!

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