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Ringo's Return

The old (Ringo) Starry blanket was out again today for round two of drum kit maintenance; this time it was the bass drum's turn - a long job.

It's not had, or needed, anything more than a wipe over in the 13 years(I think) since Keith of KD Drums, now The British Drum Co. built it for me with his very own bare hands and considering it spends most of its life on various floors having its back-end bashed, it wasn't doing too bad... Steady...

Those who know me know that my gear gets the royal treatment when it's out and about, but it was certainly lacking in lustre and the fixtures and fittings needed a freshen up! So everything that wasn't screwed to the shell came off - I drew the line at that - and had a thorough clean, buff, careful lubrication and reassembly, plus I fitted a new batter head. It's now looking and sounding resplendent once again, a testimony to the excellent build quality. Cheers Keith!

Oh, and I even cleaned its case and the pedal got a service too, lovely...

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